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Fast Track?

After five years of successfully running the Federal CTI Entrepreneurship training program

(now Innosuisse) in Western Switzerland, EPFL Innovation Park launched a new range of Entrepreneurship training programs in 2018 under the name of Fast Track. 

The EPFL Innovation Park has built itself a reputation of delivering high impact courses to entrepreneurs in innovation and technology. We have realised that startups and SMEs need short, pragmatic and focused expert training, based on real life experiences, to outperform their competitors. 

We are addressing the needs of high potential companies. The aim is to help more companies achieve fast growth and becoming ‘scale ups’. Our programs apply to the companies hosted at the EPFL Innovation Park and to other SMEs and startups in the region.

WhY Fast Track?


Since 2013, over 1'200 participants have followed our entrepreneurship training programs, getting trained/coached by our hand picked team of trainers, all with real life entrepreneurial experiences


You will have access to these high caliber trainers during and after the course.


Fast Track is run and hosted at EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne. We are devoted to housing startups, SMEs, research teams and innovation cells from major companies that operate in fields as diverse as information technology, computing, health and nutrition, engineering, transport, telecommunications or materials.

We manage 13 buildings, hosting 130 startups and 30 companies on 55'000 m2 offices and laboratories.


We focus on innovative and technology driven startups and SMEs that want to scale up by learning from the best companies that have already achieved success, many of which supported by EPFL Innovation Park. 

​Fast Track programs are building on this rich accumulated experience and go beyond generic training. The short format of the courses and the focused content, as well as the specialised trainers for each content make the Fast Track training programs very unique - designed for the companies seeking outperformance in their sector.


800+ startups have followed our  entrepreneurship training programs. Following a Fast Track training program means you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs, business angles & investors growing your network with knowledgeable people who will help you open closed doors.

Our trainers share their own experience of what works and what does not work in real life. This can be a real game-changer for the startups and SMEs that follow our courses - this is what our past participants are telling us.

Fast Track


2nd edition!

1st time in geneva

How to develop impactful partnerships between Corporates and Startups !

This is a brand new series of partnering workshops for Corporates and Startups. Given the speed of innovation, the shorter technology lifecycles, both large companies and startups have a vested interest in partnering. 


 Startup CEO /CTOs and Corporate innovation managers will have the possibility to work peer to peer as well as better understanding each other to build a powerful network.

Fast Track Sales Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Sales Management Academy for
Startups & SMEs !

Developing a strong sales expertise and ultimately, mastering Sales, is a key requirement for ambitious startups, scaleups and SMEs with direct impact on performance. 

Fast Track Board Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Successful startups have outstanding 
Boards of Directors ! 


The program was developed to educate interested business angels in all facets of becoming a startup Board Member especially as successful startups have strong boards of directors. 

Fast Track Exit Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Building Startups towards a
successful sale !

This course caters both to early stage investors as well as to founders wanting to build a company towards a successful sale.

Fast Track


Jean-Philippe Lallement, Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Jean-Philippe Lallement

Managing Director at

EPFL Innovation Park

Björn Ignell, Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Björn Ignell

Marketing & Course Manager

Fast Track Series

Vanessa Burningham, Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Vanessa Burningham

Marketing & Course Administrator

Fast Track Series

Lan Zuo Gillet

Course Leader

Corporates / Startups

Benedict Stalder, Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Benedict Stalder

Course Leader

Sales Management Academy

Virginie Verdon, Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Virginie Verdon

Course Leader

Board Academy

André Delafontaine, Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

André Delafontaine

Course Leader

Exit Academy

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Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, startup training
Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, startup training