Benoit Mariani

Gait Up

At Gait Up, Dr. Mariani assumes the role of CEO, defining the vision, strategy, and managing a team of 15+ employees. He brings his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit to grow sales and deliver quality motion sensing products.

In 2013, he cofounded Gait Up SA, a Swiss spin-off company of CHUV and EPFL, which was acquired by unicorn startup MindMaze in 2017. Gait Up provides leading motion analysis algorithm for wearables in sports and health. Gait Up products are used by 160+ B2B customers in 30 countries worldwide. Learn more here.


After an double engineering degree from Supélec Paris (F) and EPFL (CH) in 2007, Dr. Mariani obtained a PhD from EPFL in 2012. He has cumulated 10+ years of experience in the field of movement and wearable sensor technology. He worked on both academic and industrial projects in movement disorder and rehabilitation, with an expertise covering sensor design, signal processing algorithm, machine learning, and data science.