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We enable entrepreneurs, sales managers and salespeople to grow their Sales Leadership Skills FAST.

Sales and Sales Management can be frustrating, especially if you feel you are not quite up to your own ambitions and you are missing something that makes you more successful or simply makes your life easier.

You know you could learn a few important things that would help you but you can't afford spending a week in class or countless hours online. You would rather go for a hyper dense course that matches your busy schedule and gives you an extensive view on what makes the difference in Sales and Sales Management. 

EPFL Innovation Park created a short 4 half-day course to get your hands on the tips and tricks to build up your sales skills and to manage a fast-growing sales organisation. A course that will help you get in the league of salespeople and sales managers of companies that outperform their competition.

Is this course for you?  We interview every participant to make sure it does. 


Half-day 1

Strategies for growing sales

  • Models of Go-to-Market, choosing and mixing Direct Sales, Channel, Web and Commercial Joint Ventures 

  • Sales Organisation models and how to make them work 

  • Using Sales Tactics to support your Sales Strategies 

  • Revenue Acquisition, Recurring Revenue Streams and Lifetime Value Plans 

  • Alternative product offerings to support Sales Growth 

  • Using Product Market Fit loops to tune your Sales Strategy and Product Offering 

  • Using Sales Advisory Boards and Market Experts

Half-day 2

Sales process & client management

  • Full Sell Cycle overview from Lead Generation to Deal Closing and Up-selling 

  • Selling the Value Proposition and managing the Client Buying Centre 

  • Sales cycle Characterisation and Optimising techniques 

  • Client and Partners relationship management, Account management and Growth plans

  • Customer development boards - feedback loop on products and services

Half-day 3

Sales force automation & sales management tools

  • Lead generation and Lead management tools 

  • Web Sales and Sales chat bots 

  • Sales opportunity Pipeline management tools 

  • Client Account Management tools 

  • Channel Partners opportunity and account management tools 

  • Sales Key Performance Indicators and Sales forecasting tools

Half-day 4

Managing & growing sales organisations

  • Founders and CEO role in Sales - growing a sales organisation over time 

  • Recruiting and Hiring Sales and Sales Management people 

  • Management by Objectives for Sales people 

  • Sales Management routines 

  • Sales personality types and Management Styles 

  • Managing territories assignment, sales team competition, egos and fairness 

  • Managing career paths/plans/expectations, retaining and firing sales people


Martin Fuchsberger (1).jpeg

Martin Fuchsberger

CEO, co-founder, Drone Harmony AG

" I very much enjoyed participating in the Sales Management Academy course.


I gained a lot of valuable and actionable insights that will help me further shape my startup.


My only regret is that I did not find this course earlier in my startup journey."

Nathalie Leroy Fast Track Sales Academy

Nathalie Leroy

Head of Presales at icCube


"The strength of Fast Track Sales Academy course lies on the actionable ways to improve your sales processes, independently of your company's stage. The professional ​diversity of the team enriched the course's​ ​content and debates in each session.

​ ​

I definitely recommend the course if you are looking to have a deeper understanding on sales models, processes, tools, management and growth. Two thumbs up!"

Dimitri Torregrossa Fast Track Sales Academy

Dimitri Torregrossa

CEO and Founder at Aurora's Grid


"Fast Track sales class: very useful! The Trainers started from the basic knowledge of sale-cycles and gradually explained how to manage sales with specific tools and dedicated methodologies. Very useful the tips on “recruiting sales-team”. I definitively suggest this class to start-up facing off with sales management!"

Stéphane Janiszewski Fast Track Sales Academy

Stéphane Janiszewski


Head of Key Account Management  at LEMO


"A perfect fit for what I was looking for as the course gives a truly holistic view of the Sales function, covering all key aspects and all angles! As an experienced sales professional with mostly big corporation background, it gave me exactly what I needed to transfer into the exciting world of smaller and more agile organisations as I was able to combine my "corporate" experience with the content of the course geared towards startups and SMEs. All of this in a fun atmosphere and an exciting blend of participants."


Benedict Stalder, Fast Track Sales Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Benedict Stalder

Course Leader

Jean de Wolff, Fast Track Sales Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Jean de Wolff

Reto Hartmann, Fast Track Sales Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Reto Hartmann

Jean-Claude Michaca, Fast Track Sales Academy, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training

Jean-Claude Michaca 

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Do you have to miss a day or two? Catch them up in a later session.


Total course fee for 4 half-days is CHF 1490.- / € 1519.- / USD 1645.-
each individual half-day is CHF 400.-
 / € 407.- / USD 441.-
Admission is subjected to a selection process. 

*Fast Track reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

Fast Track Series, EPFL Innovation Park, entrepreneurship training
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